20+ years of Perfecting the Art of Creating Orgonite

Orgonite expert and creator of the orgone devices, Reinhard Stanjek, shows you step by step how to make Orgonite units in this masterclass

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Reinhard Stanjek has been perfecting the art of creating orgonite for over 20 years. He has "gifted" our planet with 1000's of OG's. He focuses mainly on balancing the effects of cell phone towers and other disruptive frequencies.

Everything You Need to Know for Creating Powerful Orgonite

Comprehensive Materials Guide: Learn about the essential materials required for crafting orgonite, including crystals, resin, and metals.

Energetic Principles Demystified: Gain insights into the fundamental principles of orgone energy and how it relates to your orgonite creations.

Resin Casting Techniques: Master the art of resin casting, from choosing the right type to creating stunning designs within your orgonite.

A Comprehensive Workshop: Over 20 years of exerience and 1,000+ hours of effort to give you no-nonsense instructions on how to succeed in making effective orgonite - even if you are a complete beginner

12 Main Training Modules: Step-by-step in-depth workshop tutorials.

7 Bonus Modules: Addressing common challenges in orgonite making and refine your skills to create consistently powerful units.

The problem is most people don't know where to start and what materials to use. This course solves that

You Will Learn How to Make These 3 Types of Orgonite Devices

Check out these beautiful, powerful orgone generators!

Towerbuster Recipe – a special kind of orgonite device popularized by Don Croft. This device was created to target cellphone towers

Portable Pocket Orgonite – These compact orgone generators can be used as gifts for people that are important to you or for protection on the go.

The Flower of Life Pocket Orgonite – contain the codes of creation. It has been found in temples and sacred sites all around the world .

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See What the Students Have to Say

People all around the world are learning how to make orgonite from Reinhard Stanjek

Marisa J, Orgonite Student

Jason R, Orgonite Student

What's inside?

12+ Powerful Training Modules

Types of Resin Explained

Best best type of resin and hardener to get for making pwerful orgonite

Best Molds for Making Orgonite

How to choose the best molds for making different types of orgonite

How to Setup Your Work Station

How to setup your orgonite workshop for most convenient practice

How to Make Powerful Tower Busters

How to make powerful classic orgone buster the Reinhard's way

How to Make Portable Pocket Orgonite

How to make most popular portable pocket orgonite unit

How to Make Flower of Life Orgonite

Step by step making flower of life portable pocket orgonite

Reinhard's Original Recipe

Reinhard has developed his unique way to make powerful orgonite units

Creative Ways to Source Metals

Reinhard will show you some of the creative ways to source metals

Best Crystals to Use for Orgonite

Reinhard's best recommendations when it comes to crystals for orgonite

Resin & Hardener Ratio Explained

The ratio of resin and hardener is absolutely crucial for making orgonite

State of Mind for Making Orgonite

Helpful tips on the state of mind when making orgonite

Reinhard's Secret Ingredients

You'll learn Reinahrd's "Secret Recipe" to increase the power of orgonite

10+ Bonus Training Modules

Orgonite Explained in Detail

Reinahrd will explain in-depth how orgonite (orgone generator) works

Must Have Orgonite Making Tools

A list of must have tools for making beautiful, powerful orgonite

How Does Orgonite & Crystal Work

The mixture of crystals and metals makes the orgonite functional

Making Orgonite in Cold Winter

How to make orgonite in cold weather especially in winter time

Why Orgone Pendants Are So Special

Reinhard explains the reason that orgonite pendants are very special

How to Clean Oily Metal Shavings

A simple trick to clean your oily and sticky metal shavings

Reinhard's Workshop Walk-Through

Let's take a tour of Reinhard's 15-year-old orgonite workshop

The Story of Dixie Cups (Explained)

The story behind the powerful, popular classic orgone tower buster

How to Use Color Dye for Resin

Not all color dye works with resin, Reinahrd will show you how it works

Tower Buster Timelapse Video

A timelaps video of making orgone tower buster from stractch

Mental & Phsycial Preparation

Making orgonite requires both phsyical and mental prepartion

Student Q&A (Ongoing)

Ongoing student Q&A sessions where Reinhard answers your questions

Get Your All-Access Training NOW!

Today's Price: $897 $397

  One Time Payment, No Recurring Fees.

"This course is truly a masterclass. You get step-by-step instructions on how to make orgonite with Reinhard. I was able to follow along and make my first orgonite in a really short period of time. This course has truly changed my life and I'm so grateful for how much Orgonite has helped me. So excited to make some more and gift them to the planet. Thank you Reinhard!"

Marisa J

Orgonite Masterclass Student

"This is a great quality step by step course that will take you from a beginner to a master in creating orgonite. It's very informative, easy to understand and follow, and has a great balance of text and video instruction. More and more people should consider making these at home. I will definitely be recomending this course to my friends and family."

Noemi K

Orgonite Masterclass Student

"If you're interested in learning how to make orgonite, then this is the course for you. I've tried learning how to make orgonite from other teachers and gurus and I was lost and confused. However, in this class I was able to learn the basics and learned enough to move forward and make my own. I'm sure you will love this class too! Thank you Reinahrd!"

Jason R

Orgonite Masterclass Student

"I bought this course as a gift for my girlfriend, she is very happy with the content and with the knowlege she gained. She is very excited to start making her own orgonite. If you are looking for a great teacher that show you step by step how to make powerful orgonite on your own, then this is the perfect purchase for you. Reinhard is amaing at teaching! Thank you!"

Jaliyah R

Orgonite Masterclass Student

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